Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I think I was a mermaid in my past life.. for real. I am obsessed with long flowing hair and the idea of just being under water all the time. I'd like to just grow a fin and peace out.

not a mermaid, but too cool not to post.

I love this mermaid tee from etsy!

christmas 2008

Unrealistic but would die if I got any of this list!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

snow white

Thursday, December 4, 2008


my new best friend:

I am so tired it is ridiculous.

I cannot wait to turn the spare room at my mom's into a studio for all of my work. I can't breathe as of right now - I don't have one inch of personal space and its killing me. all I want is a giant old house.. to lock myself up in forever. all I need are hardwood floors, big windows, and a sewing machine. I'd get so much done in so little time! ugh.

good morning

Look at that room! The piles of crap I have laying around during the school year are ridiculous. I literally have no time to do anything.. let alone clean. I'm not a dirty person, I swear.

I'm going to be late to class because Vinnie's dad hit a deer last night..?

I'm also going to record a Christmas song. La lal alalalaalalalallalaaaaaaa.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

days bleeding into one another.

my everyday.


Thoughts for 12/3:
-I hate chapped lips
-Top Chef is the highlight of my Wednesday nights
-tomorrow is payday!
-Circus is great
-I'm too tired to think

Usually this time of the year all I can think about is Christmas - what I'm buying, what I'm going to ask for, etc. I haven't had time to even think about the holidays and it makes me pretty sad.
If you're reading this and you'd like to buy me a gift, you can get me these lovely thaaaangs:



How is it that I manage to put everything off until the last second? EVERY SINGLE THING?! So rather than use my free time to do the things I need time to do I will sit here and write in my blog. Makes sense, right?

I could stare at this picture for hours.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Reign Over Me

I felt like posting this because it is quite possibly the only scene from a movie that makes me cry my eyes out every time I see it. Adam Sandler was so good in Reign Over Me.


I've been so sick lately. I caught something from my mom, which sucks considering I have so much due for school in the next two weeks.

I need to start sketching ideas out. I have on final concept board + 15 ink flats due the 17th.

I've gotten a giant rush of creativity over the past week or so. I'm so excited for the semester to be over so I can start doing non-school related work and just enjoy my time off. I'm still not sure what my project over Christmas break will be, but I'm trying to get it started as soon as possible.